Satisfy Your Sense of Style

Find custom T-shirts made in Jefferson, TX

What's even better than custom T-shirts? Custom T-shirts that express your personality. EmBear's creates and sells a wide selection of custom T-shirts in Jefferson, TX. All custom shirts are made to order.

Emily (the "Em" of EmBear's) handles all custom T-shirt orders. Call 903-918-5790 now to discuss your order with her.

You'll find something for everyone

No matter what your vibe, we've got a T-shirt you'll love. Our custom tees fall into a variety of categories, including...


  • Pop culture: Let the world know what your favorite movies, icons and hashtags are.
  • Tie-dye: Boost your flower power with bold tie-dye tees-just like you used to make as a kid.
  • Vintage style: Display emblems of days gone by with shirts inspired by vintage signs.
  • '80s nostalgia: Keep those beloved neon lights close to your heart by wearing our 80s-inspired prints.




Of course, you can also get any design you can imagine by requesting custom T-shirts.

Learn more about our custom T-shirt services by calling our Jefferson, TX shop today.