Welcome to Jefferson, TX's Vintage Store

Meet the couple behind EmBear's Vintage Charm

Thanks for visiting our website. We're Emily and Bear, co-owners of EmBear's Vintage Charm. Our vintage store in Jefferson, TX is so unique that many people wonder what started it all.

Our family spent so much time creating arts and crafts, building new things and customizing old relics that we decided to turn our passion into something we could share with the world. If you're someone who loves old-school style, collectibles, vintage clothing, pop culture or original artwork, you're going to love hanging out at EmBear's Vintage Charm.

Find out about our upcoming events by calling 903-918-5790 now.

Visit Jefferson, TX most original vintage store

We don't just like the vintage aesthetic-we live it! Our shop reflects our lifestyle: bold, fun-loving and passionately retro.

We want you to enjoy every moment of your shopping experience in EmBear's Vintage Charm. Why don't you come see us today?